In-house electrical design for events

In-house electrical design for events

Newick’s Electrical Services have been safely operating for 30 years, providing power reticulation for an Western Australian events – including, festivals, shows, concerts and much more.  As part of our in house electrical design service, we provide a free, onsite evaluation. – We believe that information is KEY, and getting all the information we need face to face means we leave nothing to chance. We take into account all factors including the feasibility of site access, council permissions and scheduling.

Here at Newick’s Electrical we want to get it right, as early as possible, so that your event runs as smoothly as you imagined. We specialise in providing electrical designs that are up to the highest safety standards, and Newick’s Electrical have all the safety certifications required so that you can be at peace knowing the safety of your patrons is our priority too.

We are flexible to your needs and fully cater for the unforseen and emergencies, with our large stock of temporary electrical infrastructure, Newick’s Electrical Services will have you covered.

We transport all our electrical equipment and not only cover delivery but also installation, and are pre-emptive to time constraints as we understand that timely completion of setup is an integral part all events. Not only do we deliver and install on time, our team of professionals are always aware of the location and setting of the event and install all infrastructure with to a high standard of presentation.

Due to our large stock, generators are always available and we can cater to any size event. Our generator synchronizers guarantee that you will never be out of power, so you never have to worry about being left in the dark. Our range of generators start from as little as 5kVA all the way to 150kVA with all the necessary switchboards and cabling available and for hire as well.